Terms & Conditions

1. Validity of the Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of sale are valid between the buyer from the webstore www.targetsusa.eu (hereinafter Buyer) and the company LaseHooga OÜ Reg nr: EE14904024, Address: Vanakubja, Lutsu küla, Kose vald 75030, Harju maakond, Estonia,
phone +372 56 205 236 (hereinafter www.targetsusa.eu). In addition to the present terms and conditions the legal relationships arising during purchase of products from www.targetsusa.eu are also regulated by the Law of Obligations Act, Consumer Protection Act, and other legal instruments valid in the Republic of Estonia. LaseHooga OÜ reserves the right to make changes to the terms and rules of sale. Such changes shall be published on the www.targetsusa.eu website.

2. Prices

1) LaseHooga OÜ is liable to value added tax (VAT number EE1). All of the prices listed in the webstore www.targetsusa.eu include 20% value added tax.
2) The cost of delivery shall be added to the price according to the delivery method chosen by the Buyer and corresponding delivery destination country and value of the order.
3) www.targetsusa.eu reserves the right to make changes to the prices. Such changes will be published on the website www.targetsusa.eu

3. Placing the Order

1) Add the chosen products to the shopping cart. For some products it may be necessary to specify the size from the hanging menu or as a comment.
2) To place order, first click the button „Checkout“ in the shopping cart.
3) Fill in the information fields and choose the methods of transportation and payment.
4) After you confirm the order, an invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. If you have not received such an invoice, please contact us via e-mail sales@targetsusa.eu or phone +372 56205236.
5) The orders placed in the web store are handled Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00. 

4. Methods of Payment

1) If you order the goods via parcel terminal or delivery by a courier, there is a methods of payment: either by a Swedbank banklink (if you are a Swedbank customer) or by bank transfer to Lasehooga OÜ's bank account (AS Swedbank, IBAN EE122200221073711396 ). The bank account number can also be found on the invoice that you will receive after placing the order.
2) The package will be posted after the payment has been received by LaseHooga OÜ.

5. Entry of the Contract of Sale into Effect

1) By the Contract of Sale www.targetsusa.eu undertakes to transfer to the buyer the product that is available, that is being produced, or that will be owned by www.targetsusa.eu in the future, and to enable transfer of the right of ownership to the buyer, and the buyer undertakes to pay www.targetsusa.eu for the product according to the amount stated on the invoice and accept the product.
2) An order that has not been paid for shall be cancelled 10 days after placement of the order.
3) The contract of sale shall enter into effect after the payment made by the buyer is transferred to the bank account of LaseHooga OÜ.

6. Right to Return

1) After receipt of the order, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in the online shop without statement of the reasons within 14 days.
2) In order to return the products the Buyer must submit a request of withdrawal from purchase of the product. The request can be submitted by email to sales@taretsusa.eu 
3) The buyer must return the products within 14 days following submission of the request, or submit a certificate proving that the buyer transferred the products within the above mentioned period to the logistics company.
4) Upon receipt of the request for withdrawal, www.targetsusa.eu shall return without delay and no later than within 14 days all the payments received from the buyer on the basis of the contract, including the expenses on delivery of the product used by the buyer, except where the buyer explicitly chose a product delivery method that was different from the cheapest delivery method offered by www.targetsusa.eu, in which case www.targetsusa.eu does not have to return to the buyer the expenses that exceed the expenses related to the regular method of delivery.
5) All expenses directly related to return of the products shall be borne by the Buyer.

7. Rights of the Seller

The seller has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale concluded via the online shop without sanctions, and not to transfer the ordered product or provide the service in the following cases:
the product is out of stock; the price or properties of the product were displayed in the online shop incorrectly due to a system mistake. If the product is out of stock, www.targetsusa.eu will either return the money to the Buyer; notify the Buyer on the date that the product will arrive or enable the Buyer to choose a replacement product of the same price. www.targetsusa.eu reserves the right to make changes to the prices, product descriptions and product photos.

8. Insuperable Force

www.targetsusa.eu shall not be responsible for damage caused to the buyer or delay in delivery of the products if the damage or delay in delivery of the products were caused by circumstances that www.targetsusa.eu could not have influenced or foreseen.

9. Processing of Personal Data

By entering data in the online shop and submitting the respective confirmation, the Buyer provides the right to collect and process personal data of the Buyer (name, contact telephone number, delivery address of the package and/or home address, e-mail address) and to forward the personal data to the logistics partner for delivery of the products. The personal data provided by the Buyer shall not be revealed to third parties, except in cases prescribed by the law or to transmit the goods to a transportation company.

10. Procedure for Submission of Claims

1) www.targetsusa.eu shall be liable to the Buyer for nonconformity of the products to the terms of the contract or for their defects that are discovered up to two years following the time of transfer of the products to the buyer.
2) In case of discovery of a defect the Buyer has the right to contact www.targetsusa.eu no later than within two months, presenting the invoice on the basis of which payment for the products was made. The notice of nonconformity of the product must be submitted to www.targetsusa.eu by sending it to sales@targetsusa.eu . If the Buyer does not submit the notice of nonconformity of the product within the time period stipulated here, www.targetsusa.eu shall be released from its liability for nonconformity of the product.
3) In case of discovery of a product’s defect, please stop using the product.
4) www.targetsusa.eu and the Buyer shall agree on repair or replacement of the defective product between themselves.
5) www.targetsusa.eu shall not be liable for defects of the product that appeared due to the Buyer’s fault, or resulting from storage or use of the product not in accordance with the requirements.
6) In case of discovery of nonconformity of the product to the requirements or defect of the product, please submit your claim to sales@targetsusa.eu , stating the name and contact telephone of the person who placed the order, order number, and an exact description of the nonconformity of the product to the requirements or defect of the product.
7) A claim with regard to discovery of nonconformity of the product to the requirements or defect of the product must be submitted within two months following discovery of the nonconformity of the product to the requirements or defect of the product.
8) All claims shall be reviewed, and we will contact the buyer at the first opportunity, no later than within 14 days following receipt of the claim.
9) The Buyer has the right to demand from www.targetsusa.eu reduction of the purchase price or termination of the contract and return of the money paid for the product if www.targetsusa.eu is unable to repair or replace the product, or if repair or replacement of the product is unsuccessful.

11. Right to Contact the Consumer Complaints Commission

If www.targetsusa.eu refused to resolve the Buyer’s complaint, or if the Buyer does not agree with the resolution offered by www.targetsusa.eu and finds that his or her rights were infringed or interests were harmed, the Buyer can submit a complaint to the consumer complaints commission via the Consumer Protection Board. The Buyer can submit the complaint personally or via a representative. The details of the consumer complaints commission are published on the website of the Consumer Protection Board. In order to resolve problems that emerged in Member States of the European Union, the Buyer should contact the European Consumer Centre of Estonia.